netmaestro music and instructor referral program

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Working with American Federation of Musicians Locals 625, 56, 47 & 12, we've developed - a quickly set up and easy to use Web-based referral service for public live music and music instruction available only to AFM Locals and their members. automates and tracks management of tasks, streamlining a Local's staff workload. includes the following features:

  • Managing member contact info
  • Member-to-member classifieds & communications
  • Providing and tracking referrals for performing groups and soloists and calculation of corresponding work dues
  • Providing instructor referrals
Once Local members have established accounts with NetMaestro, they have the ability to update their own profile, which contains their contact information, instruments played, performing group/soloist Web site link(s), biographies, photos, MP3/video files and musical instrument instruction availability. Members can also access a member-to-member musician search directory, on-line classified ads, Local electronic newsletter and member bulletin board. To see NetMaestro in action, visit To request a live demonstration of the Local administrative and member-accessible features, contact us via the online form at the NetMaestro website. NetMaestro is easily set up by importing from InTune or most any other type of member database or by using the simple NetMaestro administrative interface. Local administrators can assist members by updating any information on the members' behalf. Administrators may also adjust the NetMaestro referral process allowing members to directly receive referral inquiries or they may act as an intermediary, passing leads to the appropriate members. All NetMaestro referral profile requests, website links, phone number or email form inquiries are tracked and reported to members, as well as administrators. NetMaestro also can link to and track shared leads with regional AFM locals to present a larger live music and instructor search base to the public.

NetMaestro works 24x7x365 to add value to local membership! interface design, features and functionality are completely customizable! Ask about our integrated Google NetMarketing, design, host and E-mail services!

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